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A subscription plan is a purchase method that involves recurring billing intervals (e.g. monthly) as opposed to being a one-time purchase. They are often used in conjunction with a membership program, a recurring service, or a recurring product order (e.g. "book of the month"). A subscription can be set up to bill a fixed number of cycles, or to bill continuously until the customer cancels it. You can create more than one subscription plan for each product, with a choice to bill the same amount for each plan or charge a different amount based on the billing / fulfillment cycle the customer prefers.

Please Note: Max Classic does not have the option to set a recurring fixed billing date such as, "only bill on the 3rd day of each month"

  1. Go to E-Commerce > Products in the main navigation menu
  2. Click the Add a Product button.

  3. Complete the product information
    1. The price is the default price for the product. This price is billed for every one-time purchase (if you allow it) and for each subscription billing cycle. You can override the default when creating individual subscription plans explained in step 4

      Note: Scroll down and click "Save" before moving to step 4
  4. Click on the Subscription Plans tab to enter the recurring billing options. (Optional) Mark the Subscription Only checkbox if this product is not offered for one-time purchase (it is only available through a subscription plan).

  5. Enter the information for the first subscription plan.
    • Subscription Only: Check this box if this product can only be sold as a subscription product.
    • Bill Every: Enter the frequency and select a time interval (e.g. Every 1 Month).
    • (Optional) # of Cycles: Use this field to set an end date for the subscriptions (e.g. If this is a one year program, billed once per month, then the # of cycles is 12) Skip this field if the subscription bills continuously until the customer cancels it.
    • (Optional) Plan Price:  By default, subscription plans bill the product price you entered when creating the product. Use this field to override the product default for this particular plan.

  6. Click the Add button. (Optional) Repeat this process to add more subscription plan options for this product. Use the arrows to re-arrange the order the subscription plans appear in the Max Classic storefront.

  7. Click the Save button.

Please be aware that setting an active Subscription will only pause it and prevent any new Invoices from being created on the next billing cycle.  If you turn an Inactive Subscription back to an Active one, it will try to catch up on any past billing cycles that it may have skipped while Inactive.  For example, if you set a monthly billing Subscription to Inactive in January, and then set it back to Active in April, we will attempt to create invoices for the months of February and March.  We will then attempt to autocharge any past due invoices that are unpaid as well, if the autocharge settings are still set to Yes.  This could potentially cause us to attempt charges on February and March on the same day you set the Subscription back to Active in April.  

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