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You can search for referral partners several ways; by individual referral partner, by all RPs under a specific commission program, and all child partners under a specific parent, are a few examples. 

Search for RPs under a specific commission program

  1. Navigate to CRM > Referral Partners.

  2. Click New Search.

  3. Click the Referral Partner Info tab and enter select or enter search criteria to create a custom referral partner list; e.g., referral partners that are in the Cub and Tiger commission programs.

  4.  Click the Columns tab.

  5. You can add or remove columns to customize the search results. In the example below, the column Payout type has been added.

  6. Click Search and view the results.

Save a search

  1. Click Save.

  2. Enter a name  to save this dynamic search for quick access in the future.

  3. Click on the name(s) of the users to share this search with.

  4. Check the box next to Add this search to the User Home to add a saved search widget to your dashboard. For more information regarding the saved search widget, click here.

  5. Click Save. This saved search is now a drop-down option at CRM > Referral Partners.

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