How Can I Be Notified For Failed PayPal Orders

Billing automation triggers do not currently run on failed PayPal payments. Clients can cancel payments via their PayPal account, remove their billing information, or have payments decline with no feedback into Infusionsoft for automation. To remedy this, here is how to create a report that shows failed orders for review.

Note!  There isn't specific criteria for PayPal since the credit card information is stored directly within your PayPal account. This process is to locate all failed orders.

  1. Navigate to E-Commerce > Reports


  2. Click On All Sales Report

  3. Click on Edit Criteria/Columns or New Search

  4. Set Balance Due to greater or equal to and Click OK

  5. Click OK
  6. Click Save. Type a new name for this report and click Save

Pro-Tip! You can also add this report to your home page dashboard and have the report emailed to you automatically.

Follow the steps in this Article to have this new report emailed to you and other users.

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