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By default, all pages hosted by Infusionsoft have a URL that shows in the address. For example,, which are automatically secure by SSL.

If you would like contacts to reach your landing pages through your existing domain, you can either make changes to your DNS records or use an iframe to embed into your website. 

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Connect Your Domain

  1. After building your landing page, go to the Launch tab

  2. Click the “Custom Domains” tab

Create a custom URL 

You can publish any Infusionsoft Landing Page to a subdomain that will create a custom URL. To create a custom URL you would add any name (this does not need to exist) before your actual domain. 

There are two options: 

  1. Only use a unique name in front of your domain, separating with a period

  2. Add www. then your unique name in front of your domain, separating with a period.

Here is an example:

In this scenario Sarah, a small business owner, is hosting a webinar. She is using the Landing Page for her customers to register. Her domain is and the subdomain she wants to use is "Marketing Registration"

Sarah would add marketing.registration in front of which would look like 

Note: In this scenario Sarah does not actually have a page called “marketing.registration”; it was a unique name Sarah created for the  purpose of her Landing Page.

Steps to configure your custom domain

  1. Go to the Launch tab

  2. In the "Connect a domain (" field type your custom domain

  3. Use the text under Step 2 to create a new DNS record

  4. After the DNS record is saved run a CNAME check to see if it has propagated. It can take 24-48 hours to propagate and for the internet to realize that a change was made. In step 3 click "Click here to check the status of your DNS record", this will automatically load your custom domain into the search field.

    (Results should look something like the image below.)

  5. Once the record is verified click "Link"

Review the "Create a custom URL" section above for more information on setting up your custom URL

Configuring your domain with Registrar

  1. Create a 'sub domain' as a 'CNAME' record pointing to ''

  2. If you want your Infusionsoft Landing Page to be the main page on your domain, then you will need to configure a 301 permanent redirect from the apex or root domain to the sub domain above.

  3. This prevents users from having to explicitly type the latter and will prevent search engines from creating colliding canonical URLs.

  4. DNS settings for this setup would look something like this:

    1. '@ forwards 301 to www'
    2. 'www CNAME'

Please note that Infusionsoft has no control of your domain's settings and cannot provide assistance with DNS changes. Once DNS changes are made, it may take up to 24-48 hours for changes to propagate. For any troubleshooting assistance, please contact your web developer and/or domain registrar.

iframe embed

If you would like to embed your published landing page on your site, via an iframe, as opposed to connecting your domain via the steps above, this too is an option.

  1. Publish your landing page, or navigate to the Launch step of an already active landing page

  2. Click the "Embed" tab 

  3. Click the box that contains the embed code to copy it to your clipboard

  4. Paste the copied code to any page of your website, or share the code with your web developer.

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