Mass opt in or opt out contacts

If you transition to Infusionsoft from another email system, you will export lists of contacts from that system so that you can import them into Infusionsoft. When you import a list, you must confirm that you have received prior permission to send email to those contacts. If you do not have permission, the system assigns a "non-marketable" status to the email addresses on the list. If you do have permission, the system assigns a "single opt-in " status for each email address on the list you import. It is a good practice to re-confirm the people with the single opt-in status. This is another layer of protection, ensuring that you get the best deliverability possible and that the people on your list really want to receive your messages. You can create a custom double opt-in link and email to send as a broadcast, or you can use the double opt-in template we provide.

Be Careful! You may only send the double opt-in request email to people from whom you've already received prior permission. Do not send it to a purchased, borrowed, or harvested list (or any other list that is questionable). Infusionsoft customers must abide by the CAN SPAM regulations and the Infusionsoft Acceptable Use Policy.

Please Note! Only emails that are in the ‘Non-Marketable’ will be opted in through the mass action. Email addresses that have been Opted-out either by the recipient or an Infusionsoft user cannot be opted back in.

  1. View the contacts that you want to update. Typically, this will be a previous import or a tagged list.
  2. After you find the contacts, click on the Actions button at the top left of your search results and select the very last option, Update Opt-in/Opt-out Status

  3. Choose which email address field you would like to update. The (default) main email address is the first in the list and will be pre-selected. you can hold the Ctrl key (or Command key on a Mac) to select multiple fields to update.

  4. Choose to Opt-in or Opt-Out these email addresses en masse.

  5. If you choose to Opt-in the email addresses, Infusionsoft will require specific information explaining how these email addresses were obtained. Provide as much information as you can and follow the prompts if more information is required.

  6. Click Process Action
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