Subscription Revenue Summary

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This report could be best described as a quick pulse-check on your active subscriptions. It simply shows (based on the criteria that you set in the Edit Criteria/Columns):

  • Number: The number of times the subscription has been billed
  • Amt: The subscription price times the number of billings.
  • Total billed: Total billed all time.
  • 1, 2, 3, 6, 12: These are billing cycles for each subscription.
  1. In the first row below, the first subscription had (2) billings on the first cycle, (1) billing on the 2nd cycle, 3rd cycle, 6th cycle and (0) on the 12th cycle. It also shows the percent drop-off. The first cycle will always be 100%, and will decrease as the number of billing cycles increase. The goal is to retain as many billings as you can for each cycle. So you would optimally shoot for 100% retention for each cycle. So for example, if you have a single product that is rarely being billed out after 12 cycles, you may want to look into the product and understand why people are dropping off prior to the 12th billing cycle.

  2. In the 3rd row below you'll note that this subscription started with 873 billings in the first cycle, but only retained 305 by the 12th billing cycle. Only about 35% of billings are making it all the way to 12 cycles.

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