Multi-step Web Forms with Reminders

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Please note that this is a Mastermind Archive video. Mastermind webinars were discontinued in 2016. We keep these videos available for the valuable strategic discussions contained herein, but you will likely see outdated Infusionsoft visuals.

Publish Date: 2/11/2016

This week on the Mastermind Webinar, Russ will dig into creating a multi-step web form campaign, with built-in reminders for contacts who might have not completed all the steps. Multi-step web-forms are convenient for when you might need a little more information from your contacts, but don’t want to put all the form fields on one long web form! With the a Multi-Step web form campaign, Max Classic can track your contact’s progress, and send out a reminder, linking the contact right back to the page they left off at, so they can finish their form submission! Russ will go over how you can link your web forms together to form a multi-step form, and the campaign that will work behind the scenes to track your submissions!

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