Campaign Tips & Tricks: Internal Use Edition

Tags: MasterMind

Legacy Notice:

Please note that this is a Mastermind Archive video. Mastermind webinars were discontinued in 2016. We keep these videos available for the valuable strategic discussions contained herein, but you will likely see outdated Infusionsoft visuals.

Publish Date: 12/3/2015

This week on the Mastermind Webinar, Russ will dig into an Internal use campaign, that lets you give reps the ability to enter contact information into the system via a web form. We will also set emails in this campaign to deliver with the entered contact’s information to other internal reps. This style of campaign is popular with businesses that have larger teams of reps that gather and enter leads. With this campaign, you can set your team up with the ability to get information into Infusionsoft, without having to log-in. Great for working on the go!