Asset Domain Changes

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Over the next few months, we will be releasing improvements to our product and website that you may notice. The domains for certain published assets will change for all users. These include published:

  • Legacy landing pages
  • Web forms
  • Shopping carts
  • Order forms
  • Legacy order forms
  • Email tracking links
  • Hosted email links
  • Referral center links including referral partner login, and client login

Please Note: These changes do not require any action on your part and do not negatively impact your customers, performance of the pages, or functionality in any way. The original links and domain will still work but will be directed to the new domain.

These changes help set the foundation for future versions of our product and website that will allow us to help you serve your customers better.



Q: Is there any action that I need to take as a user?
A: No. Any existing processes or links that you’ve previously setup will continue to work indefinitely.

Q: Will my email deliverability be affected?
A: No. There won’t be any changes to the domains used for emails that get sent out. The only changes occur within the email tracking links, and the hosted email links. Any previously published link will continue to work and will redirect to the new domain.

Q: Will I have to take action regarding affiliate links?
A: No, you will not have to take any action nor should there be any impact on your existing processes or links. The links that you’ve previously published will continue to work and will simply redirect to the new domain.

Q: Will the redirect ever stop working?
A: We will continue to support the existing published links on the previous domain. We have no plans to stop supporting a redirect to the new URL.

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