New Articles

  1. Email Opened Goals

    With Infusionosft’s new Email Opened goal, you can now respond when someone opens your email, not just when they click on a link. This ensures you are sending the right communication at the time they engage with your email content.
  2. ECommerce Settings

    In E-Commerce Settings you can set up how your quotes, invoices and receipts look, set purchase actions, and billing automation.
  3. Campaign Goal - Create an Order

    Automating the creation of an order can help you save more time in your sales process. The automation is built by creating a sequence in the Campaign Builder that allows for an order to be created and invoiced automatically based on a goal or trigger that you configure. Setting up this automation frees up time from having to manually create purchase orders for clients.
  4. Campaign Builder - New Look

    Adding automation to yours sales and marketing processes is one of the best ways to save time and increase revenue for your small business. The Campaign Builder is the tool you use to make that happen and it just got a new look! The campaign builder design has been updated with a clean new look and some intuitive new features that help you create and launch your automated processes quickly and easily.
  5. CRM Settings Overview

    CRM settings in Infusionsoft allow for the configuration of tags,  tag categories, lead scoring and custom choices. ...
  6. Create quotes from the Contact Record

    You can create and send quotes directly from the contact record inside your Infusionsoft application. ...
  7. Create orders and invoices from the contact record

    You can create orders, send invoices, and process payments directly from the contact record inside infusionsoft. ...
  8. Create an Internal Form

    Here's how to create an internal form. ...
  9. Contact Lead Scoring Overview

  10. Capture Image and Video

    Support reps capture images and videos to depict troubleshooting examples and share them via Slack or escalations.  Capture Images or Video with Jing Hover over the Jing app at the top of your screen and click the capture (+) option. Cli...