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  1. Remove unengaged contacts from email marketing New

    Step 2 is to remove your unengaged contacts from your email marketing.
  2. Small Business Success Method

    The Small Business Success Method (SBSM) will be a huge advantage for you, clarifying what you need to do to grow sales and save time in your business.  While this video is a few years old, the methods and theories stand true still today. ...
  3. Lifecycle Marketing

    Customize your sales and marketing strategy based on three stages of Lifecycle Marketing - Keap's proven framework for capturing leads, increasing sales and creating lifetime value for your customers.  While these videos are a few years old...
  4. How do I locate my application id?

    If you need to contact customer support, they will ask for your "application id" or "app id" in order to help verify your account and to access your application to assist.
  5. Landing Pages vs. Web Forms

    You may wonder if you should use a landing page or a web form for you particular lead capture activity. Generally speaking, a "Landing Page" or "Squeeze Page" is a single-page website with a very clear call to action. The pag...
  6. How to Search for Unengaged Contacts

    From any page click on Marketing > Reports Select the Email Status Search report Click New Search Select Unengaged Marketable  in Email Status Click Search The results of the search will ...
  7. Configure the Automated List Management Tool

  8. Importing Data

    Importing data is easy from the Data Import area. Here you import your data files for contacts, companies, products and tags.
  9. Templates

  10. Delete a Merchant Account

    Important Note! Click Here for important step-by-step instructions if you are switching to a new merchant account and have existing orders that need to be converted over to the new merchant account. Any order forms or shopping cart pages assoc...