New Articles

  1. Campaign Sequence - Move opportunity

    Automate your business with the “Move opportunity” process in the Campaign Builder. Using this process means you no longer need to manually move your opportunities from stage to stage, so you can spend more time closing deals instead of maintaining them.
  2. May 6, 2021 | Max Classic

    The product purchased goal has more functionality for order forms, multiple products, and all payment types. And a new “move opportunity” campaign process can be used to automate your sales pipeline.
  3. Changes to initial order retries

    Currently in Max Classic, when a customer's purchase attempt fails, Max Classic still generates an order record with an open balance. Max Classic will then attempt to re-charge the order, which creates risk for duplicate charges if the customer ...
  4. April 22, 2021 | Max Classic

    Bug fixes For customers using the Euro as their default currency, currency fields would display values in the US format with a comma to separate groups of thousands, but would switch to the EU format with a comma as the decimal point when saved,...
  5. April 15, 2021 | Max Classic

    Bug fixes Drop down menus in the Campaign Builder’s Create Task process and custom field menus were not opening for some users. ( Known Issue 2343280 ) ...
  6. March 2021 Product Recap

    Over the past month, we released tons of improvements so you can easily manage your reports and searches in Keap Max Classic. Check it out!
  7. April 8, 2021 | Max Classic

    You can now include Tag Category criteria in your searches. We also resolved a known issue impacting our REST endpoint for Opportunities.
  8. February 2021 Product Recap

    Check out the latest updates in Max Classic including an easy to use ecommerce set up page and improved saved searches.
  9. January 2021 Product Recap

    We released some exciting new features and updates for Keap in January. Watch to learn about all the new features and how they can grow your business.
  10. Security questions

    Keap requires a security question for each user which is set when creating a new account. If you have not logged in since we implemented this requirement, you will be prompted to create a security question after you enter your email and password. ...