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New! Easily identify the riskiest addresses on your lists with automatically updated Unengaged Marketable email status.

If you've been email marketing for long you've been warned about the dangers of emailing a cold list.  But sending cold emails is perfectly legal - so why do we care?  Because deliverability.

You send emails to cold lists because you want to connect with people.  In reality, those same cold emails are killing your deliverability and more and more of your emails are destined for the spam folder.

But exactly how does this impact your deliverability? There are few primary ways:

  • Your IP address, ISP or domain name is on a blacklist (e.g., Spamhaus, Spamcop).
    • Blacklisting is based solely on where you're sending from - not email content.
  • You're hitting a spam filter.
    • Usually based on email content. If you're using common spammy subject lines or content that's in a lot of spam emails, your email could hit the filter.
  • You're getting custom blocked.
    • Any blocker could custom-code to block emails like yours based on any criteria they want (content, subject, ISP, etc.). If you're lucky, your email is simply delivered to a spam folder. Worst case, your email bounces (keep reading).
  • Your emails are getting bounced.
    • Only the hard bounces affect deliverability because the address you're sending to either doesn't exist or is blocked because you need to configure the SPF on your DNS account.
    • These are the bounces that you're most in danger of getting when emailing a cold list.  If someone hasn't engaged with your content in a while, it could certainly be because they deleted that email account. This puts you in danger of hitting a spam trap.


At Infusionsoft by Keap, a full team of email operations geniuses manages our domains and related items alongside our systems teams to ensure we maintain the 99.5+% deliverability to the inbox for our users.  However, it's also our job to protect our users from each other - and even from themselves! When our users' emails aren't getting to the inbox it's often because of an issue with their own IP address, content or technical configurations.  Even if it's accidental, if Infusionsoft by Keap allows users with poor email practices to continue to email via our servers, we put our community and our email reputation at risk.

Infusionsoft by Keap protects users through a variety of technical means.  For example, all broadcasts to cold lists are throttled, testing the sender and the message with a small slice of the list first.  Not a lot of spam complaints?  The rest of the list gets the message.  Too many?  The send is not competed.  This protects both Infusionsoft by Keap and the sending IP address from being hit with complaints, avoiding blacklist risk.

Infusionsoft by Keap also coaches and educates businesses on email marketing best practices like gaining permission to market, personalizing content and segmenting lists.  Another frequent recommendation is to regularly perform list hygiene.  Any email marketer knows how important it is to not keep emailing unengaged contacts; for all we know, they could be not engaging because they mistyped their email, they're no longer at that company or they're just not interested any more.  What's trickier is figuring out exactly who's engaged and who's not engaged because it changes over time.

That's why Infusionsoft by Keap's product team developed enhanced email statuses and search functionality that updates email engagement status in real time.  Now, when a contact hasn't engaged* within the past four months their email status will automatically update to the new Unengaged Marketable status:

  • Performing your normal list hygiene is easier than ever. Use the Email Status Search to quickly find contacts who are currently in Unengaged Marketable status.
  • Not ready to remove or opt-out those contacts just yet?  No worries. They'll still get your messages for now - just remember the risks of emailing unengaged contacts!
  • When one of those contacts engages again, their email status will automatically return to whatever it was before.
  • Extra credit: Use the new filters in the Email Status Search to find contacts who are just starting to cool off or who have engaged within a specific time frame.  Easily search by contacts' Last Engagement date and then get creative!  A postcard with special offer for those who haven't engaged in over a month?  A flash sale email to those who've engaged in the past two days?  Next-level tactics are right around the corner when you've got exactly the list you need.

Infusionsoft by Keap is committed to innovate and constantly improve.  Not just improving our code but also the resources and marketing best practices that small businesses need to get the results that are most meaningful for their unique businesses.  We're pretty excited about this most recent update and the other features that came along with it. BUT we've got more up our sleeve so keep an eye out for our next monthly product update.

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*Engagement is defined as one or more of the following actions: opening an email, clicking a link in an email or submitting a landing page or web form.

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