I Just Purchased Infusionsoft and Need to Set it Up for the First Time

Review the Basic Getting Started Guide

First, review the basic getting started guide for all new Infusionsoft users in order to learn the basic concepts in Infusionsoft.

Please note! Most of features described in this article require you to have Admin permissions in Infusionsoft.

Add or Remove users

Learn how to invite new users and remove old users from your Infusionsoft account (Admin > Users).

Set User Permissions

Infusionsoft has a very extensive permission structure allowing you to gate users from accessing certain areas or performing certain tasks in Infusionsoft. If another user in your account says, "Why can't I see X" - it's likely because they don't have permission to do so. Go to Admin > Users and click the Edit Permissions link to start configuring the permissions for a particular user. You can find an exhaustive list of permissions here.

Here are Top 5 Most Common Permissions That New Admins Change:

Import Contacts

You can upload your own .csv file or use one of our native import tools to get your contacts into Infusionsoft.

  1. First, take a look at the Import FAQ
  2. (optional) Export from your current system
  3. Prepare your csv file
  4. Import Contacts
  5. How to view and rollback imports

Custom Fields

  1. Choose the types of custom field(s) that best fits your needs. This article will show you how to choose the right field type when you need to store data that isn't native to Infusionsoft.

  2. Once you've learned about all the custom field types available in Infusionsoft, follow this guide to learn how to create and manage them.

Segment Your Contacts

Most of the time, tags are create on-the-fly when you are setting up automation. Click here to learn how to create and manage your tags and tag categories.

Set up the Branding Center

There are only a couple things in the Branding Center that will apply to you.: Uploading your business logo and configuring a setting that controls Infusionsoft branding in the footer of your marketing emails. You may have already uploaded your logo when you first set up your Infusionsoft account, so this may be an optional step for you.

Pro-Tip! Unless you are already using legacy features, you can ignore the Default Templates tab.

Update your Billing Information

Click here to learn how to make changes to your payment and personal information we have on file for your account.

Make a Payment on Your Infusionsoft Account

Learn how to make a payment on your Infusionsoft account.

Upgrade Your Account Users Or Contact And Email Levels

Learn how to add more users, email and contact capacity.

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