Stage To Stage Pipeline Automation


This article requires a basic understanding of the campaign builder. You will be downloading a campaign and dragging goals and sequences onto the campaign canvas .

Sales stage automation is accomplished by building the sales process in the campaign builder. Sales stage moves can initiate automation, integrating your direct sales process into your overall marketing automation strategy. When a sales rep moves the stage in an opportunity record , Infusionsoft can initiate automation that updates tags , sends an email to the prospect, starts a new campain sequence, sends internal notification messages, assigns tasks to other users, and more.

You can attach actions to movement INTO a specific stage, or OUT OF a specific stage. When you plan the marketing automation strategy for your direct sales process, ask yourself:

  • Is this series of actions specific to the newly assigned stage? If the answer is yes, then you will want to assign the action to the movement INTO that stage.
  • Is the action appropriate regardless of the next stage? If the next stage is irrelevant, then you will assign the action to the movement OUT OF the stage. This is less common.

First, Download the Automate Follow-Up campaign from the Infusionsoft marketplace. This will give you a template to start customizing.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to Marketing > Campaign Builder in the main navigation menu


  2. Click Get Campaign Templates.


  3. Find the Automate Opportunities campaign and Install it.


  4. This campaign starts when an opportunity is moved into the New Opportunity stage.

    Your stage names may be different, so be sure to double-click on the opportunity goals and change the stage drop-down to the appropriate stage. You can also change the description below the goal to match your stage names



  5. Note how each stage change has a corresponding campaign sequence that automates follow-up and other business processes.


  6. You can add more stage goals and campaign sequences to flesh-out your sales process.


  7. Just drag a goal or campaign sequence onto the campaign builder canvas.


    Goal Type
    You can drag any goal icon from the side panel, just click the goal type icon and change it to Moves an Opportunity.