Create Edit Or Delete A Tag


This article shows you how to create and manage tags in Infusionsoft. You can also create tags on-the-fly in various places in Infusionsoft:

  • While on a contact record
  • As part of a campaign sequence
  • When viewing contact search results
  • When creating a "Tag Applied" campaign goal

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to CRM > Settings


  2. Click on tags in the settings menu


  3. Click the Add Tag button


  4. Enter the tag name and (optional) select a tag category

    Note: To create a new category, enter the name in the text box under the Category drop-down.


  5. (Optional) You can enter multiple tag names, separated by commas, to batch create tags and assign them to the same category.


  6. (Optional) Add a description such as your name or notes about the purpose of the tag.

    These notes will serve as a reminder to you.


  7. Click on the Add Tag(s) button to create the tag. 

    You can also click on the Import Tags button to upload a list of tags using the Import wizard.


  8. Click the tag application link to view and modify where your tags are applied in a campaign

    If the tag is applied in a campaign, you can get a quick view of where the tag is being used in the campaign.


  9. Select the campaign piece that you would like to explore. In the example below, the tag is being used in a web form


  10. You can now enable/disable the tag from being applied in this marketing piece


    Be Careful!
    You cannot add new emails or forms from the campaign tag configuration page. If you remove all the options to apply a tag from this page, you will only be able to re-add the tag from the campaign builder.