Campaign Full Sequence And Email Summary Report

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Max Classic has the ability for you to view campaign email statistics, at a glance, from within the campaign builder's reporting tab.

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Campaign Builder and click on the name of a campaign that contains emails

  2. Click on the 'Reporting' tab, from within the campaign builder, and select a preset or custom date range to report on

  3. Click on the Sequence & Email Report button, located at the bottom right of the Total Email Performance stats

    1. Clicking the Sequence & Email Report button will display a summary report for all sequences that contain email(s).  All Sequences containing an email will be listed and a report that shows the open and click % for each email.

    2. Opt-out, Un-open counts and other useful metrics are available

  4. (Optional) Click the Email Performance numbers to navigate to the corresponding marketing report for more in-depth reporting
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