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When sequences, communications, goals and other items in the campaign builder are created a status slider button will be at the top right of each configuration page. The best practice is to keep the slider in Draft mode until editing has been completed for that item. When finished, move the slider to the Ready position. The Ready status indicates the object is ready to be published. To start using a campaign or have changes take effect, it must be published.

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Campaign Examples

  1. Example of a Web Form in Draft mode...

  2. Example of a Web Form in Ready mode...

  3. Color-Coded Objects

    Icon ColorMeaning
    Black objects are still being drafted.
    Striped objects are ready to be published.
    Green objects have already been published.

To publish a campaign

  1. Make sure the objects in the campaign are in Ready mode.

  2. Click the Publish button located at the top right of the campaign builder.

  3. After reviewing and resolved any items discovered in the Campaign Checklist, click the Publish button again.

Republish Campaign with a Tag Goal

If you are republishing a campaign and it contains a Tag Goal. You will see this message. 

This means that contacts have the same tag as the Tag Goal. You either can add or not add the contact. Keep in mind that if the contacts has already gone through the campaign sequence, regardless of clicking “Add Contacts” they will not go into the sequence.

Click “View Contacts” to view who has the tag applied

This message will come up each time you publish the campaign unless the contacts no longer have the tag or you click “Don’t ask again on this campaign


Note: Whenever a change is made to a campaign, the campaign will need to be published for the changes to take effect.

Be aware of the following!
Republish the campaign after moving objects around. Moving an object will not prompt to republish the campaign. It will only prompt for publish if campaign objects are added, removed or modified.

If an item is quickly switched from ready to draft to ready again, it will be flagged for publishing even when no changes have been made.
Important Campaign Builder Notes
  • Review sequence objects and make sure each email communication that was modified is set to "ready." If verbiage or images in "ready" emails are edited then updates will apply automatically.
  • Review the campaign sequences and make sure they are set to Ready.
  • Check the timer objects within campaign sequences. If a timer object is not configured, the objects that follow it in the sequence will not run (even if they are ready.)
  • Publish the campaign updates to apply the changes made during a work session. Campaign changes are not active until the campaign is published.
  • Do not mark incomplete objects as Ready or publish them until they are complete.
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