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After choosing your template, follow the instruction below to learn how to set up and design your New Landing Page template.

Table of Contents:

How to use sections, rows, and elements

  1. The name you type here will be shown in the browser's title bar. Your website visitors will see this, so make sure to choose a name wisely.

  2. (Optional) Choose the font set you would like to use and add a logo

  3. Click Next to start building your landing page template

  4. We utilize a layout system that is built upon layers. These layers are:

    Section - The foundational layer to your content. Every other layout element sits on top of a section.

    Row - A horizontal layout element. You can add multiple rows in a section

    Column - A vertical layout element that sits inside a row and contains an element within it. You can add multiple columns in a row.

    Element - Sits inside a column. You can only add one element in a column. Elements include text, image, button, divider, form, icon, video, logo, and code

  5. Click on Manage Layout to navigate and modify your layout by adding sections, rows, columns and elements to your landing page template.

    As you hover your mouse over each layout element, it will bounce in the editor.

Note: When using custom fields you will see the notice below. This notice do not mean that you need to take immediate action. It means that if you ever do need to make changes to a custom field (like add new options to a drop-down), you would do that under Admin > Settings > Custom fields. Then, you would need to come back here and remove and add the custom field again in order to sync your changes.

How to redirect to a Thank you page or URL

  1. Click either the:

    1. Form button

    2. or the button element

  2. Enter a Name

  3. For the form click "Redirect Options" and select either 

    1. Page in funnel

    2. External URL

  4. For the button element click the "Action" drop down and then select either

    1. Link to a URL

    2. Anchor to a section

    3. Link to a page in this funnel

Top row icons

From left to right:

  • You can undo/redo edits that you make,
  • Click on an icon to start editing in Desktop View, Tablet View or Mobile View.
  • Get live help while you are building your Landing Page.

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