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On Monday, July 10, 2023, we're rolling out an update to the Keap Zapier integration.

What improvements are coming?

  • Added tag names field to “New Contact” and “Find Contact” to make it easier to find the tags you’re looking for vs. just going off tag ID’s

  • Included an “Update Company” action that will allow a user to update a company record in Keap

  • Included a “Remove Tag from Contact” action that will allow a user to remove tags from a contact record in Keap

  • Added custom field data to “Tag Added to Contact”, “Find Contact”, “New Contact” and now allowing custom field labels to be sent back to the user in Zapier

  • Company names can now have numbers included in the name

  • Included an “Updated Opportunity” trigger that will fire on the “opportunity.stage_move” REST hook in Keap (applicable to Keap Max Classic only)

To leverage the above triggers/actions or fix triggers based on the above resolutions included in this update, you will need to rebuild your Zaps with this newly released 1.2.0 Version. As you build NEW Zaps, we ask that you use the version of Keap that’s labeled “Latest.” Below is an example of selecting the app for your Zap.

We are making this change to improve the efficiency and functionality of your connections to Keap so you can continue to have all the tools you use connected in one place.


How will I know when I have access?
You'll notice the new version designation in your Zap options (without any ”legacy” or “deprecated” tags), and we'd love for you to start using it. Your existing Zaps will still work, but the new stuff is worth checking out and switching over.

How will I know which Zaps are impacted?
In the next few days, Zapier will email you about any Zaps you need to update to ensure your connectors continue to run smoothly.

Are there best practices for updating my Zaps?
Yes. Zapier has provided documentation and best practices to make this process as seamless as possible for you and your teams. These best practices include things like, “duplicate your existing Zap, make changes and test” to ensure you are safely transitioning your Zaps. We recommend that you follow their best practices.

When will my existing Zaps stop functioning?
When we update our Zap, we also mark a deprecation date. Please make sure all of your impacted Zaps are transitioned by September 29, 2023.

Will I see any immediate impact on Zaps I built on the older version?
No. You will receive an email from Zapier in the next few days letting you know which of your Zaps will need attention (see the example below). It is important to make these changes ASAP so you are not impacted by the September deprecation date.

What will the email from Zapier look like?
Below is a screenshot of a sample email from Zapier. Notice that it will have your app name and the list of Zaps that will be impacted.

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