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With the Email Opened goal, you can respond when someone opens your email, not just when they click on a link. This ensures you send the right communication at the time that someone engages with your email content.

  1. Drag the Email Open Goal onto the canvas to the right of a sequence.

  2. Optional: Double-click the name below the icon to customize it.

  3. Connect the goal to the right of an email sequence.

  4. Double-click on the Email Open Goal to set it up or click on it and choose View and edit.

  5. Choose whether all or any of the emails must be opened to satisfy the requirements of the goal.

  6. Check the box(s) next to the email(s) that will satisfy this goal.

  7. Click Save.

Pro-Tip! An Email Opened Goal is triggered when a hidden pixel (image) in the email is downloaded. Note that if a user previews an email, it is not considered opened, except if a web link is clicked in the email. If a link is clicked, the email is registered as ‘opened’ regardless. Learn more here

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