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Infusionsoft keeps a consolidated record of user and system communications like emails, notes, tasks, appointments, and follow-up sequences. These interactions are date stamped and archived within the contact record. Communication history is accessible to all users who have permission to view or edit the contact record. Just click the Tasks tab (if necessary) to view this information.

Tasks & Appointments

This section displays tasks and appointments that have not been completed. You can also add a new task or appointment in this section.


Completed Tasks

This section shows all previously completed tasks for this contact.

Previous Appointments

This section shows all previous appointments for this contact.



This section displays the most recent notes and includes notes added by users and notes added automatically by Infusionsoft. Click on View all Notes to view the full note history. You can also add a note in this section.


Form Submissions

This section will display any web forms or landing pages that have been submitted by the contact.


Recent Email History

  • Incoming emails that have been manually recorded with Sync for Outlook or the Email Sync tool
  • Outgoing emails and replies recorded with Sync for Outlook or the Email Sync tool
  • Outgoing emails generated by Infusionsoft through broadcasts or follow-up sequences
  • You also have the option to view more email history with the contact by clicking the "View Entire History" button on the right


Interactive View

You can also view this information when viewing results in interactive view. Just click on the icons below the contact.

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