Add Contacts In Infusionsoft Sync For Outlook

  1. Select the email in your Outlook inbox. If an email address doesn't exist for the person in Infusionsoft, you can click the Add to Infusionsoft button.
  2. Fill out the contact details of this person
  3. Click the Add to Infusionsoft button 

Locate in Infusionsoft. If the contact record exists in Infusionsoft under a different email, you can click the Locate in Infusionsoft button and either replace the email in Infusionsoft or add the email to a secondary email address field.

  1. Click the Locate in Infusionsoft button

  2. Search for the contact record in Infusionsoft

  3. Either replace the Infusionsoft email with the new one or add it to a secondary email address field.