Customize How Referral Partners Are Tracked


By default, Infusionsoft assigns commission to the last referring partner. This means that the last tracking link clicked determines which partner gets the commission if a referral has clicked on multiple partner's tracking links prior to purchasing. You can customize the tracking settings to override the defaults.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to CRM > Settings in the main navigation menu.


  2. Click on Referral Partner Defaults in the settings menu.


  3. Go to the Tracking section.

    • How to choose a referral partner: The default setting is Latest Referring as described above. Select First Referring if you want to pay based on the first referral tracking link clicked instead of the last one.
    • Referral Partner tracking method: By default, the Infusionsoft system identifies the referring partner based on a tracking cooking on the referral's computer. This works great if all of your referrals are being sent to you through online marketing methods (e.g. emails, banners, blogs, etc.). However a tracking cookie doesn't track the referrals you may receive personally - the ones who call you, email you directly, etc... If your business receives these kinds of referrals, you will need to be able to manually create records. Select Referral History and Cookies to enable this functionality.
    • Use IP Address: When a referral clicks on a referral tracking link, a tracking cookie is put in place on their computer. The tracking cookie is removed if the referral clears the cookies on their computer. Set this to Yes if you want the system to check the referral's IP address to identify the referring partner, even if there is no cookie on the referral's computer. This is just a backup mechanism and is optional.


  4. Click on the Save button to apply the updates.