How To Access And Use Referral Program Reports


Learn how to access and customize Referral Partner Reports by following the steps below


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Got to CRM > Reports > Referral Partners


  2. To view a report, just click the report title.


  3. To clear the search results, click on the Start Over button.


  4. To create a filter for this report, click on the Edit Criteria/Columns button.


  5. Use the tabs at the top to navigate through all of the available filters.


  6. Click on the Columns tab to customize which fields appear on the report.


  7. Once you have completed setting up your report, click the Save button (and check the box to add the report to your dashboard.)

  8. Click the Actions button to see all of the available options.

    For example, you can export the report into a .csv file from here.