How Referral Partners Use Email Resources


Referral partners can copy email templates that you have provided from the Referral Partner Center and paste them into their own email program to send an email to their contacts.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. The partner will click on the E-Mail Templates link in the Resources menu section.

    The drop-downs under the Options section give the partner control over the link that shows up in the email.
    • Who is driving the traffic: The referral partner's name is selected by default. A parent partner can choose a child partner from the dropdown list to create a link for them instead so that the child partner will get credit for the leads and/or sales.
    • Where are you driving traffic to: The referral partner will select one of the sales websites from the drop-down list.
    • (Optional) Which ad are you using to drive the traffic: If the referral partner is using ad tracking, they can choose an ad from the dropdown list to include an ad code in the link.


  2. The partner will click on the Generate Email button to grab the email.

    The link they selected from the "Where are you driving traffic" option list will be merged into the email wherever you've used the ~TRACKING~ merge code when creating the promotional email.


  3. The partner will highlight the email template to copy it and paste it into their own email program to send