Global User Permissions


When you add a user to Infusionsoft, the system automatically applies global permissions. These permissions should be set for the minimum level of access you want to grant to every new user. After a new user account is fully processed, you can edit the permissions to customize them based on job-specific responsibilities. As you set up the global permissions, you will learn how each setting affects your users' experience and their ability to complete certain tasks. Global permissions do not apply to users who are added to the admin user group; the permissions for users in this group are automatically set to yes, meaning they have full access to your Infusionsoft application.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to Admin > Settings in the main navigation menu.


  2. Click on User in the User Settings menu.


  3. Click on the Global Permissions link.

    Review and/or change the global permissions for each area of the software. The system automatically applies the change and confirms it with a green check mark.Permissions are divided into tabbed sections based on general and role-related categories. Within a tab, there may be subheaders that further segment the specific permissions. Setting up Global Permissions is generally a one-time task. However, you may need to edit user permissions based on the user's job responsibilities.