Wow Strategies


Below, you will find several campaigns that you can download and implement right now. These free campaigns are housed in the Infusionsoft Marketplace


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. New Customer Welcome & Wow

    Making a new customer feel loved is critical for repeat business! This campaign contains three emails to establish a line of communication, connect on a social network and request feedback on the buying experience. The campaign is triggered automatically through a shopping cart or order form purchase. You can also manually start it for individuals using the provided Note template.


  2. Refer a Friend

    Collecting customer referrals has never been easier! This campaign asks someone to refer a friend by providing the friend's name and phone number. Once the referral has been submitted, a follow up task is created to reach out to the new lead.


  3. Launch a Referral Partner Program

    Make it easy for your referral partners to start sending you new business. This campaign applies a tag to new referral partners, then automatically sends them an email with their username and password information. This ensures that they have immediate access to log new leads.


  4. Automate repeat product sales

    Generate repeat sales by reminding customers to buy again. This campaign sends an email one month after the initial purchase. Included in the email is a quick link to easily purchase the product or service again. This campaign is great for any business that has recurring products or products that expire after a certain time frame.