View Custom Fields In Contact Searches


This is very helpful for sorting and finding contacts that have specific values stored in their custom fields

High Level Overview

  • Add custom field as a column to a search and switch to "list" view in a contact search



Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Navigate To Contacts Under CRM


  2. (Optional) Click on "New Search" if available. This will reset any previous search criteria.


  3. Click Edit Criteria / Columns...


  4. Click the Columns Tab

  5. Add a Custom Field as a Column

    Click on the name of the custom field in the "Avalible Fields" box and then click on the small arrows in between the boxes to move your field over to the left.

  6. Click OK


  7. Your custom field will now be avaialble in the Search Results.

    To scan a list of contacts more quickly, switch to "Grid View"!