Store files on a contact record

Each contact record has a file box where you can store contracts, spec sheets, proposals, and more. You can store any file that is under 10 MB in size. The files are date stamped and hyperlinked so that you can retrieve them easily while viewing the contact record.

Pro-Tip! If you are looking to do something outside of simply uploading and storing files to the filebox, ask the Infusionsoft Community about popular filebox integrations.

  1. On the contact record, Click on the File Box tab located in the bottom row of tabs

  2. Click on Browse to find a file on your computer.

  3. Click Attach to upload the file to the contact's file box.

You can view, delete, or rename files stored in the file box. If you need to update an existing file, make sure it has the same file name and file type (.doc, .xls, etc.) as the older version. When you upload the replacement file, Infusionsoft will ask you if you want to create a new file or replace the existing one.

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