Centralized reporting hub

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You now have a single place where you can see and search all of the available reports. You can also pin your top 10 most relevant reports and saved searches to the top of the page for easy access.

Pro-tip: In the future, we will be removing the "Reporting" links in the main menu

  1. In the main menu, you'll see a new Reports column to click on
  2. There are two sections: one for Reports and one for Saved searches
  3. From here you can search for the report or saved search you are looking for
  4. You can also filter for report categories
  5. To pin the report to the top of the page, click the show more button and choose Pin to top
  6. To open a report in a new tab, just click the name of the report
  7. To unpin a report, just click the view more icon and choose Unpin
  8. To open a pinned report, click the arrow button at the bottom-right of the card

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