Referral Tracking Links

Referral tracking links are links to your websites, landing pages, order forms, etc. that your referral partners use to send prospects to your business. The link itself includes a code that tracks which partner sent the prospect to you. The links should drive traffic to a page where a prospect can sign up for a free offer (so you can start following up yourself) or make a purchase. The referral tracking links are also embedded in promotional banners and emails.

Pro-Tip! If a contact has never clicked an Infusionsoft tracking link, then the contact will have to both click the link, then submit a form or complete a purchase in order to be tracked; however, if the contact is already in your Infusionsoft system, then they just need to click a referral partner link to be tracked.

Note!  Referral Tracking Links are currently not supported within the new Landing Page builder.

You create referral tracking links in Infusionsoft and give your partners access to them via the Referral Partner Center.

  1. Go to CRM > Referral Partners in the main navigation menu.

  2. Select Referral Tracking Links from the Referral Partners menu.

  3. Click on the Add a Referral Tracking Link button.

  4. Enter the Sales Website Information.

    This can be a website, landing page, online store, order form, product link, etc.
    • Name: Enter the name of the web page, product, etc. Partners will see the name when they view a list of links in their Referral Partner Center. The name should make sense to you AND to them.
    • Code: The code is part of the tracking link and is used by you and your referral partners to identify what page the link is pointing to. In the example below, the code is "haircare". A partner using this link will know that it goes to the "haircare" landing page. This is what the referral partner will see in the Referral Partner Center:

    • Website Address: Enter the URL for the destination web page (e.g. This is the page that the partner's referrals will visit to sign up for something or to make a purchase.
    • (Optional) Referral Partner: If this link goes to a co-branded landing page or an order form with a discount for a specific partner, then you don't want other partners to see or use this redirect link. Enter the partner's name and click on it from the results list. If you use this option, only one partner can use this tracking link.
    • (Optional) Programs: Click on the name(s) of the programs to limit access to the link so that only the referral partners in those programs can use it this tracking link. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard to select more than one program. Note that if you don't select any program, the link will be applied to ALL programs.

  5. Click on the Save button to add or update the referral tracking link. This will automatically update the Referral Partner Center links for all eligible partners. You can preview the link by creating a referral partner record for yourself, adding yourself to all of the relevant programs, and logging into your referral partner center.
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