Link shortening for marketing texts

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Keap's marketing text messages allow you to send messages to groups of contacts with automations. You have 160 characters to convey your message, but when that message contains a linked call to action you can run out of space fast. Link shortening allows you to preserve your character count by shortening long URLs.

Link shortening for marketing texts

Linked calls to action are a great way to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing texts. Send invitations to connect by sending a text with a link to an appointment booking page. Share links to documents and articles that provide value. Request a Google review after completing a project for a new customer.

To access link shortening in marketing text messages you will need to begin a new message using advanced automation.  

  1. Click the cursor in the Message field where you want the link to be placed

  2. Select the hyperlink icon
  3. Enter your long URL
    • Pro Tip! In a separate browser window, navigate to the link you want to use. Now, copy the URL from a browser window address bar and paste it into the hyperlink field. That way you know for sure the link will work. Typing URLs by freehand carries a high risk for error.
  4. Click Shorten link
  5. See the shortened link entered


Are there any tracking details or reports on what links are clicked by recipients?
No. Link tracking will be available in the second half of 2022.

Why should I use Keap's link shortening service over other link shortening tools?
Unless the other link shortening tool has a unique URL to your organization, you are at risk of filtering by carriers. The Keap service uses a verified domain and generates a new unique link for every text message broadcast or automation message

You can learn more about our text message broadcast and automation features in this FAQ article.

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