GDPR Pruning

It's recommended to create a process to view and prune contacts in which you no longer have a lawful basis to process a contact's data. This can be done by creating a saved search on your homepage dashboard for contacts that do not have a GDPR tag applied to them.

  1. Go to CRM > Contacts

  2. Click New Search

  3. Choose Doesn't have ANY of these Tags next to the Tags label

  4. Enter all of your GDPR tags

  5. Click Search

  6. Click Save

  7. Enter the name of saved search.Select any other users that need access to this list, check the box to Add this search to the User Home and click Save

    Example: "No Lawful Basis" or "Non-GDRP Compliant"

  8. Now, go back to your dashboard to see your new saved search. You can click Settings to further customize the report.

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