GDPR - Linking To A Privacy Policy

GDPR requires that your Privacy Policy be available on any page that collects personal information.

Link to a Privacy Policy on a Web Form

  1. Drag a Paragraph snippet below the Submit button.

  2. Type "Privacy Policy", hightlight and click the Link button in the editor

  3. Add the URL to your Privacy Policy web page
  4. Make sure to Republish the campaign.

  5. If you are using one of the HTML versions, you will need to update your existing code with the new code.

Link to a Privacy Policy on a Landing Page

  1. Click the Add Elements block from the left menu and drag until you have a blue line under your CTA button.

  2. Click into the Text box and add a link to the Privacy Policy page on your website.

  3. Continue to Next Step your landing page and republish it.

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