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Edit Your Email Signature

  1. Click on Edit My Profile in the user toolbar to customize or update your profile.

  1. On the right side of the page, you'll see the Email Signature section. This shows you what your signature will look like when it is  merged into emails. You can also upload an image of your business logo  or an image/avatar of yourself.
  1. Your Signature will automaticaly update with the information entered in
  1. Infusionsoft ID Name
  2. Company
  3. Title
  4. Email
  5. Phone 1 & 2
  6. Website

Change Your Preferences

Preferences: Increase efficiency by setting up preferences that  correspond with job responsibilities. Make sure each user has quick  access to the most relevant information to perform their daily tasks  within Infusionsoft.

  • Default Tab on Contact Second Row:  This setting controls which tab shows up first when you view the lower  portion of a contact. The tasks tab is the default view. Use this  setting to ensure the most relevant history is displayed for each user's  role (i.e., a sales rep needs to see opportunities.)
  • Default Search Type:  This setting controls the default search type for the quick search box  located at the top right of your Infusionsoft application.  Select from  Contact, Company, Task/Appt/Note, Order, Subscriptions, or Opportunity.
  • (Optional) Default Start Page:  This setting controls the first page a user sees when they sign in to  Infusionsoft. Navigate to the page you want to use as your home page and  copy the URL beginning with /Admin/ from a different page to override  the default (e.g., /Admin/myFiles.jsp.) The Infusionsoft home page is  the default.
  • (Optional) Default Search View for Contacts and Opportunities:  This setting controls the way you view lists of contacts and  opportunity records. Interactive View increases efficiency when working  and updating lists. You can change this to grid-view if you prefer to  view more records per screen and align the data into spreadsheet-style  columns.
  • (Optional) Signature at Top of Reply:  This setting controls the location of your signature in email replies  sent by the Infusionsoft email client. Skip this if you are using the  Outlook Plug-In or a different email program to check your email. This  is set to no by default. Set it to yes if you are using the Infusionsoft email client to check and reply to email messages.
  • Default Calendar View:  This setting controls the number of days displayed on your calendar. It  is set to day by default. Select from day, week, or month.
  • Default Start and End Hour:  This setting controls the daily time range displayed on the your  calendar. Adjust these settings if a user works non-standard hours.
  • Time Zone: Your time zone will be auto-detected when you first create your Infusionsoft account.

Manage User Groups

  • Admin: Assign a user  to the admin group if their job responsibilities include advanced  Infusionsoft administration (e.g., importing, setting up system  defaults, managing users.) Users in the admin group have access to all  areas of Infusionsoft and view all of the available reports. They will  be able to use your Infusionsoft system without restriction.
  • Sales Rep:  Assign a user to the sales rep group if their job responsibilities  include contacting leads, tracking the sales process through  opportunities (e.g., adding notes, moving sales stages.) Users in the  sales rep groups can create and be assigned to an opportunity.

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