Create And Manage Promotional Pages For Referral Partners

These pages are designed to train and educate your referral partners  so they can do a good job marketing for you. Provide your partners with  easy-to-access information about new products, product benefits, etc. or  teach them how to use new marketing strategies (social media, blogging,  etc.) 

You can either copy the content of the Resource Page into the HTML Editor, or you can link to an existing web page by entering the url in the Must be a valid URL field.

  1. Go to CRM > Referral Partners in the main navigation menu
  2. Select Promotional Resources from the Referral Partners menu.

  3. Select Page as the resource type.

  4. Go to the Information section
    • Title: This is visible to both you and your partners. It should be short, descriptive, and be related to the content of the email. 
    • Notes:  The notes are also visible to you and your partners. You can use this  field to recommend an audience, a subject line, date range limits, etc.
    • Resource Order:  The order number determines where this email falls in the email  resource list in the Referral Partner Center. Use it to put the most  important email resources at the top of the list.
    • (optional) Enter  a URL to a web page that was designed outside of Infusionsoft and is  hosted online. This allows you to use an outside resource to create and  update the page without signing in to your Infusionsoft account. If you  use this option, it will override an page created in Infusionsoft using  the HTML editor.
    • Page Width: The width (in px) of the page to be displayed in the resource center.
    • Page Height: The height (in px) of the page to be displayed in the resource center.

  5. Create the page using the HTML editor (leave this blank if you entered the URL above in the Must be a valid URL field.)

  6. (Optional) Limit access. By default, all of your  affiliates are able to access this page. Click on the name of a referral  program if you want to limit access so that only the partners in the  selected program can view and use this page. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard to select more than one program.

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