Add a POP Email Account


You can connect an existing email accounts to Infusionsoft so you can  send and receive their email through Infusionsoft. Email accounts are  linked to individual users. You can add multiple mail accounts for each  Infusionsoft user. Repeat the process below to add additional email  accounts.

Note! The Infusionsoft email client is very basic. We recommend to use either the Infusionsoft Outlook or Gmail sync products. If you are a Mac user we recommend Tealeaves.  If you are having issues using Pop Mail you can reach out to your service provider to review their configuration. For example click here is Gmail.

  1. Click on Edit My Profile in the user toolbar (or go to Admin > Users and click on a user's name to link an email account for another user.)

  2. Scroll to the bottom row of tabs in the user record and click on the Mail Accounts tab.

  3. Click on the Add New Pop Account button

    • Name:  Enter the account name; users will see this name when they download email messages (e.g., Bob Smith's Gmail Account.)
    • Users:  Select the users who will need to download messages from this account  through Infusionsoft. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard to select  more than one.
    • Username: Enter the username for your email account. This is usually an email address.
    • Host:  Enter the host name for your POP mail server. You can get this from  your email service provider (i.e. GoDaddy, Gmail, etc...) or by  searching Google. The format usually looks something like this: or (i.e.,
    • Port:  You only need to change this if the default setting (110) does not  work. Check with your email service provider or search Google for the  correct port for your email service provider.
    • Use SSL: Select Yes if you are setting up a Gmail or Microsoft Exchange email account.
    • How Long to Leave Messages on Server:  The Infusionsoft email client downloads copies of the email messages  stored on your email server. When you view the messages through  Infusionsoft, you are viewing the copies, but the original messages  still take up space on your email server. If your email server has  storage space limitations, you will encounter problems receiving email  when that space gets full.  Deleting a message from the Infusionsoft  email client does not remove the message from the server automatically. 
    • No Delete:  This is the default setting. Choose No Delete if you never want  Infusionsoft to remove the original messages from your email server. If  you choose this option, make sure you are removing the original messages  through another email client or by logging directly into your email  server. 
    • Delete in X Days: If Infusionsoft is  your primary or only method of checking email, you need to select a  specific number of days to keep the original emails on the server after  you've downloaded a copy into Infusionsoft. Once the original message is  deleted from the server, it is no longer accessible through any other  email client. If your Users share this email account, make sure you  leave messages on the server long enough for everyone to download them.

  4. Click Save
  5. To Test your POP email account, click on Home and select Inbox

  6. Click on Get Mail

Pro Tip! If you receive an error message, review step 3 more closely. You may need to enabled SSL and change your port number to 995.

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