Customize Commission Program Defaults


When you create a referral program, you are defining the payout percentages for specific groups of affiliates. 
There are several options: 
  • Pay for leads or sales
  • Pay a flat amount or a percentage
  • Pay more than one level of affiliates
  • Pay a specified amount of commission, even when there is only one affiliate involved in the sales.
  • The fields displayed when you create or edit the commission programs (CRM > Referral Partners > Commission Programs) are determined by the default payout settings.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to CRM > Settings in the main navigation menu


  2. Click on Referral Partner Defaults in the settings menu.


  3. Go to the Payout section.

    • Referral Partner # Levels: The default setting is 2. This means that a partner who recruits (parent affiliate / level 2) other referral partners for you (child affiliate / level 1) is eligible for commission on the sales their recruits make.
      • Change this setting to 1 if you do not plan to pay commissions to more than one referral partner for each sale. 
      • Change this setting to 3 if you want to create a "grandparent" referral partner level. The "grandparent" (level 3) partner will be eligible for commission on the sales that their recruits make (parent partner / level 2) AND for the sales that their recruit's recruits make (child partner / level 1). Infusionsoft automatically calculates the commissions for all levels. 
    • Payout Type (Lead/Sale):  This setting turns on and off fields in the referral program records. All referral commissions are calculated AFTER a sale takes place through Infusionsoft; however, if you are using referral partners to drive leads to a direct sales team, you may want Infusionsoft to calculate a commission for the partner who referred the lead and the sales rep who closed the deal. You can simplify the referral partner program record by disabling the the lead fields (unmark the checkbox) if you only pay a sale commission. Please note that you cannot automatically pay commission on a lead.
    • Payout Type (Amount / Percent): This setting also turns on and off fields in the referral partner program record. If you use a combination of a flat amount (e.g. $20 to "lead" referral partners) and a percentage (e.g. 20% to "sale" partners) then you will need both fields. If you only use one type of method to calculate (amount OR percentage), then you can simplify the referral partner program record by disabling the payout type (unmark the checkbox) you don't plan to use. 
    • (Optional) Use "Pay if Unused?": Most companies do not need the pay if unused setting enabled and can set this to No. It only applies to companies who have more than one partner level (see above) and who need to pay an additional commission to a sale partner when they make a sale that does not involve a level 2 or level 3 partner.


  4. Click on the Save button to apply the updates. This will update all of the existing referral partner program records.