How Referral Partners Generate Tracking Links


Partners use the link generator in the Referral Partner Center to create and copy tracking links that they can use in websites, blog articles, social media, newsletter emails, and more.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. After signing in, the partner will click on the Link Generator link in the Resources menu.


  2. The My Sales Websites section lists the referral tracking links this partner has access to

    The partner can click on the Website URL to view the site the link connects to.


  3. The My Referral Partners section lists any child referral partners

    The child partners are the partners this person recruited into your program.


  4. The My Ads section is completely controlled by the partner

    This is a way to track the ads they've created to promote your business. This option creates an ad code that is appended to the redirect link. This will give the partner separate statistics in the Link Tracking Stats report.


  5. The partner clicks on Create Ad to enter a name, description, media type, and start date


  6. The Generate Link section is where the partner chooses the options for a tracking link.

    • Who is driving the traffic: The referral partner's name is selected by default. A parent partner can choose a child partner from the dropdown list to create a link for them instead so that the child partner will get credit for the leads and/or sales.
    • Where are you driving traffic to: The referral partner will select one of the redirect links you made for them from the dropdown list.
    • Which ad are you using to drive the traffic: If the referral partner created an Ad (see above), they can choose an ad from the dropdown list to include an ad code in the link.


  7. The partner clicks on the Generate Link button to create a custom URL with all of the options selected above

    Let's break down a sample redirect link:
    • haircare is the code for the tracking link that you created.
    • abc123 is the unique referral partner's code.
    • website2 is the optional Ad that the referral partner created for this redirect link.