Sell Strategies


Below, you will find several campaigns that you can download and implement right now. These free campaigns are housed in the Infusionsoft Marketplace.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Long Term Prospect Nurture

    Nurturing prospects who are interested in your product but not ready to buy is critical for your business! This campaign drips two educational online resources on an interested prospect and invites them to join you on social media. Behavior-based segmentation allows the prospect to choose to receive resources every month or every 2 months. When they are ready to move forward in the buying process, each email provides a link for them to click which creates a task for someone on your team to follow up.


  2. Fast Set Up, Holiday Campaign

    Jordan Hatch is back with another lean campaign to boost your holiday sales! This campaign only requires a product, an order form to sell it and a promo code. Plug in those details and this campaign does the rest. There is also a built-in cart abandon follow up to recover sales from people who click through but don't purchase right away. To use this campaign without any customization, you must have the Deluxe E-Commerce or Complete version of Infusionsoft. The purchase goal can easily be modified to with a Tag or a Note Template for those who have other versions of Infusionsoft.


  3. Everything you need to create an effective sales pipeline

    Setting up your sales pipeline has never been easier! This campaign contains the recommended stages for any sales pipeline along with two extra stages that can be customized for your specific process. However, the real money is in the daily management of your pipeline. To ensure your success, this campaign includes training on how to setup your dashboard as "ground control" for your pipeline and how to properly work a sales lead.