Import Guide


A clean and healthy email marketing list starts with the contacts added to your account.  Take a few minutes to review your list to minimize risks for future spam complaints and emailing contacts that are out of date and inactive.  This step is especially important for new lists that will undergo cold email throttling.  Use the guide below to prepare your lists for import.

Segment your list between what email status they will receive once they are imported.  Group them into 2 groups: opt in (unconfirmed) and nonmarketable.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. OPT IN (Unconfirmed): Can receive email marketing

    “Yes, I plan to email market to these contacts”
    “I have permission from each contact on this list”

    • Each contact provided explicit permission and is expecting to receive ongoing email marketing from my business
    • This list does not contain contacts purchased or obtained from a third party
    • All contacts are active and have recently engaged with my emails in the past 4 months


  2. NONMARKETABLE: Contact will be imported, but cannot receive email marketing

    “No, I don’t plan to email market to these contacts”
    “I do not have permission from each contact on the list”

    • Stale, or unengaged contacts more than 4 months
    • Contacts that previously reported spam
    • Contacts that previously unsubscribed
    • Contacts I plan to obtain permission for in the future*


    *Contacts that haven’t yet opted in must be initially imported as nonmarketable to prevent accidentally including them in a broadcast or campaign.  To obtain permission in the future, direct them to an Infusionsoft opt in form and their status will automatically change from nonmarketable to opt in upon submission.  Don’t wait too long though, remember 4+ months without email communication can cause them to lose interest, forget who you are, or their email address might’ve changed leading to spam complaints and/or hard bounces.

    Once you import a clean list, keep it healthy by following all best email marketing practices, including performing list hygiene maintenance on a regular basis depending on your sending frequency.  For more information, check out the Email Deliverability Guide.