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Infusionsoft includes digital document storage that enables you to  centralize files and make them more accessible to users. Typically,  users store images and pdfs that they can reuse in various marketing  pieces. You can store any file that is under 10 MB in size. You are able  to store user files, company files, company images, digital products  and contact record files. You can also rename or delete files from here.  If you need to update an existing file, make sure the revised file has  exactly same file name and file type (.doc, .xls, etc.) as the older  version. When you upload the file, Infusionsoft will ask you if you want  to create a new file or replace an existing one.

Hover over the Home icon and click on Files


  • My  Files are protected; they are only accessible to the user who uploaded  the file. User files can also be attached to an outgoing email or email  template, but only by the user who uploaded them to Infusionsoft. These  files are also not accessible to your contacts, unless you send them as  an email attachment.
  • Company Files are accessible to all of  your Infusionsoft users. You may want to store document templates,  internal procedure manuals, price lists, etc. the company file box. The  company files can be attached to email communications sent out through  Infusionsoft. These files are not accessible to your contacts, unless  you send them as an email attachment.
  • Company Images are  accessible to all of your Infusionsoft users. This list includes images  you've uploaded to Infusionsoft to use in emails, thank-you pages,  shopping cart or order form styles, etc. You can display them to  contacts when they are used in one of these external facing mediums or  if you send them as an email attachment.
  • Digital Products  are accessible based on the restrictions you defined when you set them  up. Digital Products are most often created and managed through  E-Commerce > Products, but you can also view and manage them here if  your user permissions allow.
  • Contact Record Files are uploaded and managed through individual contacts. The File Box is located in the bottom row of tabs.
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