Infusionsoft Sidebar


The power of Infusionsoft, right where you already work. Access your Infusionsoft CRM records, add contacts to marketing campaigns, create or complete tasks and automate back office workflows right from the comfort of your email inbox.

Please Note!
Infusionsoft Sidebar does not currently support Calendar syncing. If you currently use this feature, please continue using Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail for the time being. We will notify customers when Calendar syncing is available in the new Infusionsoft Sidebar.

To get started, go to the Infusionsoft Marketplace and download for Chrome or Firefox.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Manage Tasks & Appointments

    1. Select the person you want to add a task or appointment for
    2. Click the Add a task link under the Pending tasks & appointments header
    3. Choose Task or Appointment
    4. Fill out the Task or Appointment details and click the Save button


  2. Add A Note To A Contact

    1. Click the Add note link under the Notes & Completed Tasks header
    2. Add the note details and click the Save button


  3. Add An Opportunity

    1. Click the Add Opportunity under the Opportunities header
    2. Fill out the opportunity information
    3. Click Save


    • Opportunity Title - This is simply the name you give to this particular deal. If it's for a specific product or service, you may want to put the name of the product/service in the title
    • Currently Assigned to - This field will default to you; however, you can reassign this deal if you have the appropriate permissions in Infusionsoft
    • Sales Stage And Steps - Use this drop-down to set the sales stage. If you have set up sales stage triggers in Infusionsoft, this will start automation
    • Opportunity Notes - This stores notes concerning this opportunity
    • Next Action Date - This is the next date an action is required for this opportunity. This will appear on your Infusionsoft calendar as an appointment. For example, if you called the contact and had to leave a voice mail, you would want to schedule an appointment to remind you to call again at a later date or time
    • Next Action Notes - These are the notes that will appear on your appointment
    • When will this deal close? - This allows the sales rep to forecast their potential sale so that the sales manager can better forecast sales for a given time period
    • Projected Revenue High: - This figure can be entered by the sales rep to remind them of the dollar value of this opportunity (this does not affect forecasting reports)
    • Projected Revenue Low: - This figure can be entered by the sales rep to remind them of the dollar value of this opportunity (this does not affect forecasting reports)


  4. Add A Tag

    1. Click the Add Tag link under the Tags header
    2. Choose the Tag category and check the Tag(s) you would like to apply or create a new tag on-the-fly
    3. Click Apply this Tag


  5. Add Contacts

    1. Click on an email to pull up the associated Infusionsoft contact record in the sidebar. The information displayed includes name, email address, phone number, address, local time and current local weather. you can also search for specific contact records from the sidebar.
    2. If the contact doesn’t have a record in Infusionsoft, you can roll over a contact name to populate the new contact fields in the sidebar. Once the new contact fields are populated, you can save the contact to Infusionsoft.
    3. Hover your mouse over an email in your Gmail inbox.
    4. This causes the contact information to populate in the sidebar.
    5. Now, just click the Add Contact button to add this contact to your Infusionsoft account.