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Below, you can see all of the available options to contact Support if you have a question the HelpCenter can't answer.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Live Chat 24/7

    Just hover over the Question icon on your toolbar and click the Support Chat Online option.


  2. Call Tech Support

    RegionToll Free Number
    US/Canada Toll Free

    +1 866.800.0004 ext. 2
    Mon - Fri: 6AM - 5PM Arizona Time

    UK Freephone44.(0)808.258.0093
    Mon - Fri: 6AM - 5PM Arizona Time
    AUS Free Call61.800.730.419
    Mon - Fri: 6AM - 5PM Arizona Time


  3. Self-Help Training

    This HelpCenter is the central resource to help you find answers quickly. Use the search bar to find a quick answer, or check out one of the many user guides.


  4. Live Training

    1. Check out the main menu of the HelpCenter to sign up for webinars
    2. Learn about live group training sessions at Infusionsoft University


  5. MarketPlace

    Download free campaigns and connect with experts


  6. Paid Services

    Infusionsoft Services: Work with an Infusionsoft consultant to analyze your company's lifecycle marketing strategies. An Infusionsoft consultant can help you create a custom marketing automation plan for your company, train end users, help you transition over from old systems, and more. Visit the Services page of our website to view pricing and details.

    Service Partners: Work with one of our service partners. These partners offer a wide range of services to help you launch your online marketing efforts including copywriting, web design, marketing and business consultation and Infusionsoft implementation. Check out the partner listings in our Resource Directory.