Customize The Referral Partner Center


There are three ways you can customize the Referral Partner Center for your business. These are global settings that update the Referral Partner Center experience for all of your referral partners.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Upload your business logo to the Referral Partner sign-in page

    1. Go to Admin > Branding Center
    2. Uner the Logo tab, upload a Sign-in Pages logo.
    3. Now, your partner will see your business logo on the sign-in page.


  2. Customize the "Welcome" message that referral partners see when they sign in to the referral partner center

    1. Go to CRM > Settings and click on Referral Partner Center.

    2. You can either create the welcome message using the Infusionsoft editor, or simply enter the URL of an external web page that you would like to embed on the page. Embedding an external web page is a great option of you want someone who is not an Infusionsoft user (e.g. your webmaster) to maintain the page for you.



  3. You can enable/disable menu options in the referral partner center

    1. Go to CRM > Settings and click on Referral Partner Center.

    2. You can choose which information shows up in this menu by enabling or disabling the following options. These are basically On/Off toggles for the menu items.