Gmail Sync Vs Outlook Sync


This document displays the features that are available to both Gmail and Outlook sync.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. FeaturesGmail SyncOutlook sync
    Chrome, FirefoxYesNo
    Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, Office 365 (Desktop Versions ONLY Excluding MAC)NoYes
    Using on Multiple Computers at the same timeYesNo
    Manually Sync 1 EmailNoYes
    Automatically Sync EmailsYesNo
    Retro-Actively Sync EmailsNoYes (Manually)
    Time it takes to show up inside of Infusionsoft30 min - 2 hr (if it takes longer, Contact Support)Immediately
    Display Tasks & AppointmentsYesYes
    Display Notes & Completed TasksYesYes
    Display Follow-up Sequence (Legacy)YesYes
    Display TagsYesYes
    Display OpportunitiesYesNo
    Display All Contact FieldsYesNo
    Display FileboxYesYes
    Add Tasks & AppointmentsYesYes
    Add NotesYesYes
    Add Person to Follow-up Sequence (Legacy)YesYes
    Apply Tag (will trigger campaign goals for automation)YesYes
    Add OpportunityYesNo
    Add FilesYesYes
    Create TagYesNo
    Add people directly to a camapaign builder sequenceNoNo
    Show/Hide Areas of sidebarYesNo
    Edit the Contact RecordYesNo
    Calendar Not on Sidebar 
    Sync Appointments from Infusionsoft to PluginYesYes
    Sync Tasks from Infusionsoft to PluginYesYes
    Sync Appointments from Plugin to InfusionsoftNoYes
    Sync Tasks from Plugin to InfusionsoftNoYes
    Time to wait on sync30min - 1hr30min - 1hr
    Date Format Settings (Appointment/Task will come in on the wrong day if this is not set correctly) 
    Allow MM/DD/YYYYYesYes
    Allow DD/MM/YYYYYesYes