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Guest Author: 

Edward Bell
Client Success Manager & Onboarding Coach
Launch Business Automation


Legacy Alert!
This feature should only be used if a 3rd party developer asked for the encryption key. The encryption key is only needed for the Legacy authentication method. If you are unsure if you should use this or not please talk with the 3rd party developer to find out. If you are attempting to set up a new integration please visit https://developer.infusionsoft.com/get-started/

Your API key is crucial for leveraging the power of plugins you can find in the Infusionsoft Marketplace. It is a unique string of numbers and letters that allows your app to talk with these 3rd party applications.

Imagine a ‘tin can telephone’ like the ones you see kids build in 1950’s films. Infusionsoft is the speaking piece, the other software program (WooCommerce, PayPal, etc) is the listening piece can and the string between them is the API.

When you want to integrate with one of these applications, you’ll need to connect using your ‘API line’. To open up your end of the ‘API line’ inside Infusionsoft, you need your API Key.

Use Cases:

  • Connecting with some merchant gateways (e.g. Eway)
  • Integrating other 3rd party plugins or applications with Infusionsoft (e.g. WooCommerce, PlusThis etc)
  • Allowing these applications to ‘talk’ to your Infusionsoft app (e.g. apply a tag or create a update a contact’s details)
  • Allowing Infusionsoft to ‘talk’ to them (sending product purchased or tag applied information)

This means your team or customers can do work in other applications and send the results into Infusionsoft, or even in some cases trigger campaigns.

It’s very easy to set up, with only key components: your API Passphrase and your API Key. Here’s how to set them both up in under 60 seconds.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. To enable the API key, go to Admin > Settings and click on Application in the settings menu



  2. Scroll down to the API section and enter a passphrase in the text box

    The API Passphrase is simply a password, or series of words that will be used to generate your unique API key. Be sure to remember your passphrase if you ever need to generate your API key again.


  3. After you enter a Passphrase, click on the Save button to generate the API key


  4. Your API Key is now available under the textbox where you entered the pass phrase


  5. Copy and paste your API Key into the required field in your 3rd party application