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Below, you can see all of the available options to contact Support if you have a question the HelpCenter can't answer.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Live Training

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  2. Ask the Community

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  3. Live Chat 24/7

    Just hover over the Question icon on your toolbar and click the Support Chat Online option.


  4. Call Tech Support

    RegionToll Free Number
    US/Canada Toll Free

    +1 866.800.0004 ext. 2
    Mon - Fri: 6AM - 7PM Arizona Time

    UK Freephone

    Mon - Fri: 6AM - 7PM Arizona Time
    Mon - Fri: 1PM - 2AM London Time

    AUS Free Call61.800.730.419
    Mon - Fri: 6AM - 7PM Arizona Time
    Tue - Sat 12AM - 1PM Syndney Time