Test Your Customerhub Access Permissions


Two common areas that may require troubleshooting are:

  • The website content being displayed
  • The contact record in Infusionsoft


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Website Content Displayed

    This factor is completely controlled through CustomerHub Permissions. These determines what appears in the member's main and subpage menu (Pages) as well as which content shows up within a specific page (Partials). You can test this using the CustomerHub Site Preview.

    1. Click on the Site Preview tab.
    2. Select a type of website visitor from the drop-down.
      1. Public Member: This is a member who has a username and password for your CustomerHub site but does meet the permission criteria to view any of the restricted pages. A Public Member can only view the information that is unrestricted and available to all website visitors.
      2. A Member with Permissions: This option allows you to preview CustomerHub through a specific Permission Level. This does not equate exactly with viewing the site as a specific person, since a person may meet the criteria for more than one permission level.
    3. Select a Member Group from the drop-down.
      1. Select a defined Member Group (e.g. Silver Member)
      2. Preview with custom permissions: This option allows you to test a specific Permission Level before you define and save it as a permission.
    4. Click on Apply to see the CustomerHub site as a person who meets the criteria you selected.


  2. Infusionsoft Person Record

    Each of your CustomerHub website visitors could have a unique experience since access to content is based on their Infusionsoft Tags and active Subscriptions. It is possible for a single person to have a contact record in Infusionsoft that meets the criteria for more than one Member Group. The only way to view the website from a specific person's perspective is to log into the site with their CustomerHub username and password.

    While it is not feasible to test the site from each member's perspective, it is possible to test a specific Permission Level to make sure that CustomerHub and Infusionsoft are properly communicating to grant or restrict access to the content.

    1. Create a contact record in Infusionsoft. You might even name it to correspond with the permission level you defined (e.g. Silver Member)
    2. Configure the Person Record to meet the permission criteria based on Tags, Subscriptions, or a combination of both.
      1. Apply the Tag(s) you used to define the permission level. Remember, the record must have ALL of the tags you used to define the permission level. If you did not select any tags when creating the Permission Level, skip this step.
      2. Add a Subscription order (or orders) to the contact. The subscription must be Active. You can use this test 16 digit Visa card number (4111111111111111)
    3. Create a CustomerHub account for this person
    4. Log into CustomerHub as the person to view the content.