Manually Give Members Access To Your Customerhub Website


There are several steps involved in granting a customer or new member access to your CustomerHub website. However, the tight integration between CustomerHub and Infusionsoft allows you to automate the process so that you don't need to manage it manually, unless you want to.

When you first get started with CustomerHub you may want to manually create site members for specific lists of people in Infusionsoft instead of waiting for them to fill out a form, click on a link, or make a purchase.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. (Optional) Create a CustomerHub register member action set for new members.

    1. Log into your Infusionsoft Application
    2. Go to CRM > Settings in the master nav
    3. Click on Action Sets in the settings menu
    4. Click on Add an Action Set
    5. Give the Action Set a name (e.g. CustomerHub: Register Member)
    6. Select Send an http post to another server from the action dropdown.
    7. Enter the Post URL for your CustomerHub account: (e.g.
    8. Save the action
    9. Save the Register Member Action Set.


  2. (Optional) Create the Notification Process

    CustomerHub does not automatically send emails or tell the new member how to access your CustomerHub website. The notification email must be sent through Infusionsoft. You should create a CustomerHub: Register Member notification email that delivers login information when someone is registered.

    The customer needs to know the following:

    • Your CustomerHub site URL
    • Their Username: The username is their primary email address. You can use a Merge Field to add this to the email.
    • Their Password: The password is also stored in the Infusionsoft contact record. You will use a Merge Field to add this to an email.
    • Once you create the email, edit the CustomerHub: Register Member Action Set you created above.


    1. Go to CRM > Settings in the master nav
    2. Click on Action Sets in the settings menu
    3. Click on the CustomerHub: Register Member Action set to edit it.
    4. Select Send an Email form the Action dropdown
    5. Select the CustomerHub: Register Member email template from the email template dropdown
    6. Save the Action
    7. Save the Action set

    CustomerHub has provided you with Email Templates, including a new member template. Log on to CustomerHub and go to Settings > Application Settings and click on  to upload them to your Infusionsoft Application.


  3. Find the List of People and Run the Action

    1. Go to CRM > Contacts in the master nav to pull up a Saved Search or enter search criteria
    2. Click on  and select Apply Action Set
    3. Select Run Another Action Set from the dropdown
    4. Select CustomerHub: Register Member from the Chain Action Set dropdown
    5. Save the action
    6. Click on Process Action to run the Action for this list


  4. CustomerHub Creates A Member Record

    CustomerHub receives the HTTP Post from Infusionsoft  and compares the Infusionsoft contact record ID and email address to the existing member list. If a matching record is found, it does not create a new member record. This minimizes duplicates on your member list.  If no match is found, CustomerHub creates a new Member record in CustomerHub (accessible from the Members menu in CustomerHub.)

    When the new member record is created, CustomerHub checks the password field in the Infusionsoft contact record to see if a password exists. If there is already a password in that field, CustomerHub uses the existing password. If no password is found, CustomerHub generates a random password and stores it in the password field in the Infusionsoft contact record.

    Infusionsoft will send the new member welcome notification email if you added it to the CustomerHub: Register Member Action set as suggested above. If you didn't  you will need to send the email manually.