Give Members Access To A Customerhub Page


Permission to view a page is defined by what member group the visitor belongs to. Member groups can can be created in advance, and then assigned to a Page, or they can be created "on the fly" when you are configuring page permissions.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to Pages


  2. Click edit next to the name of a Page you wish to edit.


  3. Click on the Permissions tab and select Certain Members (Permissions) from the access drop-down.


  4. Select the member group(s) you've already created by clicking inside the text box, or select edit all groups to add a new one.


  5. (Optional) You can add custom permissions as well.

    The criteria are based on Infusionsoft Tags, Subscriptions, or a combination of both. You must select at least one criteria.

    Be Careful!
    If you use both Subscriptions and Tags to define permissions, CustomerHub will check the contact record in Infusionsoft and give them access as long as they meet the Subscription criteria OR the Tag criteria. The  member does not need to meet both!


  6. After you  configure the criteria, enter a Name that is short and  descriptive that  will be used to identify the new member group.


  7. (Optional) Mark the check-box if you want to display a Teaser to site visitors who do not meet permission criteria for the page.

    Use the editor to add text or merge in multimedia files (e.g. video)


  8. Click Save


  9. Click the Site Preview tab to select the member group you created for this Page.